THE UNION DE PRODUCTEURS DE LUGON is located in a privileged part of the Bordeaux region extending from the banks of the Dordogne to the hills overlooking the river, culminating in the famous Tertre de Fronsac.
The rich diversity of their microclimates and vineyards enables the LUGON cooperative to make fine wine in the purest BORDEAUX tradition. While respecting the individuality and character of each cuvée, our cellar master blends wines in keeping with consumer tastes.


The Lugon cooperative has vineyards in 4 appellations: FRONSAC, BORDEAUX, BORDEAUX SUPÉRIEUR and BORDEAUX ROSÉ
BORDEAUX is the umbrella appellation in the GIRONDE, accounting for half of the department's entire area under vine as well as more than half of AOC production. The terroir is quite varied, and this rich diversity is an enormous advantage. Viticulture and winemaking are strictly controlled by the INAO (Institut National de l'Origine et de la Qualité). The LUGON cooperative is fortunate to have terroirs entitled to the BORDEAUX appellation producing wines of great quality. In fact, this appellation accounts for over 50% of the Cellar's annual production. Wines from the BORDEAUX appellation are smooth, fruity, and fairly powerful with a bouquet reminiscent of red fruit (cherry, raspberry, etc.), blackcurrant and flowers (violets). They are best enjoyed young to take advantage of their fruitiness. The UNION DES PRODUCTEURS's BORDEAUX wines are made primarily from MERLOT and CABERNET SAUVIGNON.
Wines with the BORDEAUX SUPÉRIEUR appellation are also produced throughout the GIRONDE department. The rules and regulations governing this appellation are more rigorous than for the BORDEAUX appellation, including obligatory ageing for at least 12 months. BORDEAUX SUPÉRIEUR wines have greater aromatic complexity than BORDEAUX. They feature fruity (cherry, raspberry, blackcurrant, etc.) and floral (violet) aromas with hints of spice and jam. They are also more concentrated, with greater tannic structure. While these wines are enjoyable young, they can also improve with age. The Bordeaux Supérieur wines from the LUGON Cooperative are made mainly with MERLOT. The grapes are selected according to the quality in each plot and the age of the vines.
Les BORDEAUX ROSÉS sont élaborés sur la même aire d’appellation que les BORDEAUX, et répondent également à un cahier des charges stricte contrôlé par l’INAO (Institut National des Appellations d’Origine). L’UDP de Lugon a acquis un savoir faire sur ce produit qui lui permet d’élaborer des rosés agréables et plaisants. Les rosés de la cave de Lugon ont une couleur pétale de rose et un nez gourmand de confiserie et de petits fruits rouges. En bouche, une attaque acidulée et vive, qui laisse peu à peu la place aux parfums d'agrumes.
Located near the confluence of the Dordogne and Isle rivers, the FRONSAC and CANON FRONSAC appellations are very hilly. The proximity of these rivers is conducive to a microclimate that reduces the risk of spring frost and keeps temperatures moderate in summer. This terroir is especially propitious to MERLOT, and enables this variety to reach perfect maturity in order to make complex, powerful wines. Located in the Libourne area, the FRONSAC appellation is generally considered a "satellite" of POMEROL and SAINT ÉMILION. The wines have an intense bouquet of red fruit and spice, as well as good concentration, structure, and balance on the palate. These full-bodied wines have a subtle flavour and, although they can be enjoyed young, also have fine ageing potential. After a few years in bottle, FRONSAC retains its fine structure and develops tertiary aromas and overtones of curry, game, etc. Thanks to their structure, the wines of FRONSAC are a perfect accompaniment to meat in a sauce, especially game. The Cave de LUGON is the largest producer of FRONSAC, with some 4,000 hectolitres a year from this prestigious appellation.

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